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ENCELADUS is a complex system of technologies used for remote monitoring and control of residential wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), remote reading of water meters, monitoring and pumping of water reservoirs, measurement of water qualities and management of its treatment, and other related processes.

ENCELADUS is a unique system of decentralized wastewater treatment for villages with scattered development and isolated local parts of towns. Produced wastewater is treated directly at the point of its origin, where it is further used or returned back to nature after treatment. Wastewater treatment plant systems are monitored and controlled remotely from a central service workplace. The investment costs of such a system are up to 50 % lower than for classic centralized systems. There have also been realizations where the savings in investment costs reached 65 %.

In 2022, we celebrated manufacturing of the 1,000th ENCELADUS system telemetry control unit. This unit is the real brain of the smart wastewater treatment plants, which then form municipal systems of domestic wastewater treatment plants. Since 2008, we’ve been working hard on the development of software and the production of control units. Every step of the way, we strengthen our belief that what we do makes sense not only to us, but also to countless municipalities that have been our satisfied clients for years. To date, over 1070 residential wastewater treatment plants are using the ENCELADUS system. This year we will install another 650 units.

Smart wastewater treatment plants

  • An economical solution when connection to the sewage system is not possible

  • Tailor-made solutions for households of different sizes

  • Remote control of the of the treatment plant using a simple web application

  • Use of treated water for watering the garden or flushing the toilet

  • Without the need to use special laundry detergents

  • Complete preparation and implementation of the project

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Decentralized domestic wastewater treatment systems

  • Solution for municipalities without central sewerage and villages with scattered development

  • Wastewater treatment at the place of its origin

  • Recycling and use of treated wastewater and rainwater

  • Monitoring and management of domestic (individual) and group WWTPs

  • Telemetry system for decentralized wastewater treatment

  • Up to 50% lower investment costs compared to classic centralized systems

  • Preparation and implementation of projects, processing of grant applications

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Remote water meter readings

  • Different types of water meters and communication modules (technologies)

  • Residential (“end”) water meters and flow measurement directly on the water supply line

  • Practical on-line overview of water consumption, 24 hours a day

  • Monitoring and creation of reports, graphs and statistics on consumption

  • Notification of unusual consumption, backflow, water meter freezing, etc.

  • Comprehensive supervisory software, cost accounting, preparation of documents for invoicing

Surveillance and controlled pumping of reservoirs

  • Controlled pumping of water into reservoirs, even from multiple sources

  • Control of the water level in reservoirs, warnings when limit states are reached

  • Pressure control in the water supply, monitoring of flow, notification of malfunctions

  • Security of water reservoir objects, verification of (authorized) access to equipment

  • Measurement of volume and quality of water and management of its treatment (e.g. dosing of chemicals)

  • Measurement of surface water levels and flow, rain gauge stations

ENCELADUS – system telemetry for domestic wastewater treatment systems is the only service in its field in the Czech Republic to hold the prestigious CZECH MADE brand for quality.

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